SPM understands that the reliability and operational performance of a power plant is underpinned by the quality of its construction.  As a company it combines its overall project management expertise in partnership with internal construction and commissioning specialists to deliver projects to the highest specifications while managing the project schedule and costs, logistics, on-site and off-site relationships, health and safety requirements, and quality assurance.

SPM is a highly experienced one-stop construction solution covering initial site clearing, civil, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical, instrumentation and controls.

SPM capabilities includes:

• Site preparation
• Turbine, generator, boiler and balance of plant installation
• Electrical, instrumentation and controls
• Civil, structural, mechanical and piping works
• Water requirements – waste water treatment, evaporation ponds and water supply
• Fuel gas systems
• Liquid fuel systems
• Switch yards
• Documentation control
• Site administration
• Managing project costs, progress and schedules