A major facet of asset management is to ensure that the best value is extracted from the plant. SPM have been instrumental in bringing Demand Side Unit* management (DSU) to plant owners.“We collaborate with Electricity Exchange www.electricityexchange.ie to bring about a complete technical solution for our clients.” *A Demand Side Unit consists of a number of large electricity consumers who are on stand-by, ready to curtail demand or self-supply using onsite generation if needed.Idle back-up generators can be used to provide valuable capacity to the electricity grid by being on stand-by, ready to self-supply your site.

The temporary curtailment of large electrical loads achieves the same effect as initiating additional generation and helps to improve diversity of supply on the grid.

Under the right conditions SPM can connect potential developers with finance facilities and can manage the execution of the project.


SPM can be instrumental in bringing a substantial part of the complex matrix of elements to the table, to transform a power project into a successful and profitable asset.SPM can connect financing with developers and technology providers. Built on solid relationships with all stakeholders and a reputation for successful project execution, SPM can deliver tangible proactive solutions and in the process add considerable value to a project.
Extracting the maximum value from a power generation asset in a sustainable way is vital to developers and investors. SPM believes strongly in the provision of O&M services and Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) that allow asset owners to focus on core business functions with peace of mind that their generation plant is available to perform.”We are committed to delivering an excellent, value for money service that never compromises health and safety and always ensures best environmental practice”SPM’s clear vision has consistently resulted in a reliable, profitable plant and an effective O&M organisation. Its concepts and methodologies are rooted in lessons learned through involvement or association with private power projects over many years. “By working together we have been able to achieve dependable results and rewarding synergies with our clients”

With innovation at the heart of its ethos, SPM was instrumental in developing a new software platform that allows for a project to be estimated, organised and monitored. This project platform comprises a number of elements that are vital to the execution of a project, these include;
  • Estimating
  • Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Work Flow Control
  • Reporting and Monitoring

This platform is in everyday use within the SPM organisation and all the benefits derived from this service accrue to its clients.

The software, which can be deployed to address specific elements, for example the Estimating or Safety Scheduling facilities, can be used independently to bring about tangible efficiencies.

However, it is when the entire platform is synchronised that the real benefits become evident.  The result is an almost real time dashboard indicator of the state of the project in its entirety or of a portfolio of projects.

The entire platform is fully ISO compliant and all edits to documents and schedules are date stamped to ensure auditable trails.

To find out more about this system please contact: info@spml.com.

We will arrange an on-line demonstration and show how this proprietary software can add value to your next project.

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