SPM offers comprehensive service and support to power station owners and operators, including:

• Day to day power station operation
• Routine inspections
• Overhauls
• Unplanned and planned maintenance
• Developing operations and maintenance manuals
• Delivering operator training

Whether provided as stand-alone services, or part of a suite of services supporting project delivery and operation, SPM operations and maintenance services assist clients in protecting critical assets and extending their operational life.

Its commitment is to the delivery of an excellent, value for money service that never compromises health and safety and always ensures best environmental practice.

SPM brings a clear vision that has consistently resulted in reliable, profitable plant and an effective O&M organisation. Our concepts and methodologies are a result of the lessons learned by involvement or association with private power projects over many years. By working together we have been able to achieve dependable results and rewarding synergies with for our clients.