SPML is a rapidly growing international company with people working across four continents. As an employer we seek to attract and retain the highest calibre people.  We provide our workforce with an ever-increasing variety of work, career opportunities and personal challenge. Central to our sustained development is the focus on people initiatives that will optimise our operating model, embrace our core values and support our development strategy.

International Opportunities

Our ability to tender, win and deliver a range of work across the globe creates a host of new career development opportunities for our people. We offer opportunities for the person with the right skills and values to work cross the globe in a challenging environment.

The well being of our people is imperative to ensure that we deliver solutions to our clients without sacrificing the well being individuals.

Diversity is another important focus for SPML as we seek to maintain equal opportunity in the workplace. We believe that a diverse organisation makes for a healthy company culture and have established a Diversity Management plan to ensure continuous improvement in attracting and retaining personnel.

People are the most valued resource in our business and in the same way that we are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to our clients, we are passionate about the people  at SPML who work in dynamic teams  to create these solutions.

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